We automate storage and picking

Automation Made For Beverage

Cost-effective, low risk, modular automation. Solving your unique warehouse needs with less hardware and smarter software.

Automation Saves Money

  • We prioritize automating the most labor-intensive warehouse activities

  • Our automation seamlessly works alongside your existing human processes

  • We understand that not everything requires automation

  • You achieve tangible ROI from automation


Autonomous robotic arm for palletization. Built for beverage with our patent pending case picking tool.

Storage & Sorting

Our robotic shuttle and storage system is equipped with autonomous robots for optimal pallet movement and product storage.

Smarter Software

Our WCS integrates with your existing system to get more done. Palletize, sort, and store products with less space and labor required.

Increased quality, faster pick rates, and easier employee training

Modular Automation with

Real ROI

Automation is now lower cost, lower risk, and more modular than ever.  More can be accomplished with less hardware and smarter software.

  • RoboArm Mixed SKU Pallet Picking

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) Pallet Staging

  • 4-Way Shuttle ASRS Pallet Storage

  • High-Speed Case Conveyor Sortation

  • Pallet Vision QA

  • Autonomous Wrapper

  • Autonomous Forklift

Save Time and Labor Costs

With our transformative robotics, you can increase warehouse productivity without the need for expensive expansions. Our innovative approach requires less space and hardware compared to traditional automation methods. From our RoboArm to Autonomous Sorting and Storage, we offer a range of solutions that save time and labor costs.

Powerful Results

Innovative Tech, Tangible Savings


Increase in Productivity

Enhance and make more efficient your warehouse operations by 300% and more.


Cases Picked Per Hour

Our Purpose-Built RoboArm picks more using less labor and space.

2 Years

Average ROI

Recoup the total cost of adding automation in just two years.

Beverage distributors trust us

We've engineered a system tailored to meet the distinct demands of beverage distributors

We recognize the intricacies of beverage automation; packaging differences, weight considerations, and the delicate nature of beverages. We have a broad range of material handling, sizing, and storage options available to fit your warehouse with our advanced modular products.

"We blew away our records; phenomenal wins... we saw them right way after implementing the system"


Dan Beard - V.P. Logistics at Next Terra Wine

"We're able to cut our shift hours down. Now we do the same amount of work in half the time."


Jeff Bertucci - Director of Operations F.E.B. Distributing

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